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Our future is unclear. We don’t know what will happen to us. We may have a different life or maybe the same. It may be good or bad. We may be rich or poor. No one really knows. Hence, we must learn and start to invest for our future.

We have to use our money wisely and let it work for us instead of us working for it. We always have to know how to spend our earnings. Spend for our needs and set aside our wants. Maybe, we can reward ourselves once in a while but it should be very minimal. We have to save first and if there’s some left we can use it for our wants.

Having enough savings and investment will never leave us in debt, which is what our God wants.

Giving back to God

God wants all of us to learn how to tithe, not because he needs the money but instead it his way of asking us to put Him before anything else. 

Whenever we give back to our Lord, He will bless us more. Our obedience and faithfulness will be rewarded with numerous blessings. Therefore, we must all practice to give back whatever we receive from Him.

Money matters

In our life, wealth does not matter especially with God. For Him what matters is having a Godly life. 

God wants us to keep track of what we have, own, owe and earn. In this way we’ll be able to handle our money wisely without being in debt and having problems with money equals to trouble.

Having a good record of our money or whatever we have is what our God wants for him to bless us more.

Work for worship

Whenever we work we always have to do it with all our hearts. We need to realize that we are doing our work not for our employers and bosses but for our God.

And when we work for him, it will be an act of worship. We worship our Lord through whatever work or job we have. And we must do it with utmost sincerity and love.

He is the source

Always keep in mind that God is the source of all our finances. He is the source of all our wealth. We have what we have because of Him.

As God being the source of our money, he gives it to us through a lot of ways. Like for example, our jobs and businesses. Through all this, God gives us financial abilities to provide for all our daily needs.

Never lose faith whenever you’re caught in financial problems or when you get fired from your job. God may easily get you to lose a job but it’s also as easy as 1-2-3 for him to give you one. Just always remain faithful and you will be rewarded.

Learn to tithe

Whenever we tithe or we give a part of money that we have to the church means that we are giving a part of us to God. It is somehow offering our heart and soul to him as we worship our God.

Some may think that it is impossible and it is difficult, because there are times in life that we can’t even have enough money to support our family; but this should not be the case. Having little money should not hinder us to tithe. God understands us very well and if we only have little to share then let it be. It doesn’t depend on how much you can give, as long as you can.

God, in return will bless us more than what we ever thought of. It is his way of saying thank you for offering yourself to me.

Share the good news

It is our duty as Gods children to share his words and whatever we learn from the bible to other people. Especially with people who are in the wrong path. We have to help them understand the good news and to listen to Gods words.

Keep in mind and in our hearts that our role is to spread the good news and God will bless us more. Do share his words in any possible way you can.

Give a helping hand

God wants all of us to share the blessings he gives us to other people. Anyone who is generous enough to help and give the ones in need will be blessed by our Lord. 

From the passage that I read, helping others is like getting our money loaned to God. It is because when we share what we have with the less fortunate, God will bless us more. 

With this one should realize that one is blessed because God wants you to share it. He wants you to be a blessing to other people.

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